Hunt and Snare - r4.19 public release!


  • NEW Conversation System - Tag based system mixed with character based opinion and global renown values. 
  • NEW NPC - Pail, the Dock Clerk.
  • NEW Island - Bigger, better, eventually more filled with content too.
  • NEW Lighting System with Day / Night.
  • NEW Water System with dynamic waves.
  • NEW Ability: Swimming.
  • NEW Ability: Sleeping (currently you can only pass time at the bed on the starting pier, more bed related functions will be added later on).
  • NEW Prey AI and Noise system: They will now hear you, they will hear you sneaking a lot worse than they’ll hear you run, they’ll hear walking on gravel a lot further than walking on soft grass, they will hear your gun, hear each other, see you, and are a lot more likely to flee from you.
  • NEW Vegetation System: GPU instanced, grass touch reaction, grass / plants “evade” actors messing around on grass.
  • First secret added to new island.
  • Updated map of the island (hold M).
  • Improved performance of fur color baking.
  • Improved FOV camera position and near clip (won’t see through things that easily).
  • Changed capture to set player in crouched mode after capturing.
  • Fixed not being able to shoot prey up close.
  • Fixed not being able to properly interact with tranquilized prey.
  • Fixed act previews sometimes not showing actors in right positions.

How to play:

  • Use WASD to move
  • Click CTRL to toggle sneak
  • Hold SHIFT to run
  • Hold E to talk to characters OR ask character to follow OR capture OR to interact with act locations
  • Hold RMB to rotate in Act OR Showroom OR character in editor
  • Hold M to show map in game
  • Press SPACE to progress in Full Acts (only available in Showroom for now!) and end Acts
  • Press Q to equip and unequip rifle
  • Hold RMB to aim with equipped rifle
  • Press LMB to shoot with equipped rifle
  • Press R to reload equipped rifle
  • Press F12 to submit feedback / bug reports

Known issues:

  • Closer camera minimum distance makes you able to look inside actors, will be polished further later on!
  • Kirhaal (starting city) pier doesn’t blend to terrain (there’s a harsh edge between dirt and cobblestone)
  • Showroom no longer has indoor scenes (we’ll remake those later on)
  • Weapon equip/unequip is a temporary flip only

Have a great trip! <3

~ Ruffleneck

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